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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played their final NBA game against each other on Monday at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. Afterward, as the two shared some laughs surrounded by media, Wade told LeBron, “I appreciate you for letting it end here” — here, being L.A., where LeBron just signed in the offseason.

LeBron’s apparent response: “It was either here or at the Garden, that’s it.”


As it turns out, James’ comment appears to suggest that the Knicks were a strong contender for his services back in free agency.

In trying to piece the puzzle, one should consider that James’ move to Los Angeles wasn’t purely a basketball move. He’s building an empire with all his business dealings while putting his family in the best place possible to live.

New York is just as big a market as James’ current situation, making it an ideal place for him to put forth his off-the-court business.

There are some alternate interpretations of what LeBron said. He could have meant TD Garden in Boston. He could have just been reflecting on the fact that he subjected Wade to a massive media crush in his final game against LeBron, one only rivaled by what would exist in New York.