Check your Google Plus account lately? If not, do it now because you will be locked out indefinitely sooner than later. In October, Google announced that they were discontinuing the platform due to some minor corruption caused by a third party leaving a number of accounts exposed. This third party application leaked personal user information leaving users in the open and irate at the internet conglomerate.

Fast forward to Monday. Google made an announcement today that as recently as this November, a bug was crawling around within a software update created in-house. Google reps have assured the public thought that this most recent bug came straight from their system and has nothing to do with third-party software like the previous situation.

Two bugs in two months though are two bugs too much. And no one is more “bugged” than the 52.5 million users getting bitten this time.  Google has assured users that though there have been two bugs leaving your IP vulnerable,  there has not been any private hackers obtaining any user information.  To prevent any further issues or leaving any more users in the open, Google has announced today that they will now speed up the process of Plus’ shutdown to 90 days. Though your probably safe, we hope none of you had your Social Security number up in the cloud.