If you are looking for an MVP in Hip-Hop during 2018 Pusha T holds a resume as impressive as any other rap star. The G.O.O.D. Music President was the lead-off album for a run of albums from his roster that dominated headlines for a month, DAYTONA now finds itself topping year-end lists after receiving months of critical acclaim. That run of albums included Kanye West, Nas, Kid Cudi and Teyana Taylor and displayed the effortless balance of artist and executive. King Push would go on to tour the world, selling out dates and invigorating Hip-Hop crowds, there was also emerging from that lyrical rift with you know flawlessly. That should be enough for Pusha to kick back and let the keys of “Hard Piano” soundtrack the closing of a banner year, right? Of course not.

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The latest move in a Pusha’s job around the basis this year brings his legendary stature to young artists aiming to be just as successful. Push is at the helm of a new project, 1800 Seconds, which is an artist discovery platform that allows for rising stars to get in the studio with professionals and create over the course of 30 minutes and ten tracks. The latest effort to push Hip-Hop forward, brings artists from as far as Brooklyn to Los Angeles in for a jump start to their 2019.

Speaking with The Source, Pusha shares his excitement for the project fresh off introducing the 1800 Seconds artists to a New York City crowd. He also speaks on being able to give back to artists and the grand slam that was DAYTONA.


You are coming off a banner year and closing it by touching a new generation, how does 2018 stack up against the rest of the years in your career?

Pusha T: 2018 has been an incredible year for me personally and professionally. I’m so happy to be able to end it by giving back and sharing knowledge and opportunity with the next generation. Hip-Hop is the youngest genre of music and we need to learn how the generations can coexist and help each other do better.

Speaking of that new generation, you have this 1800 Seconds project. You are providing the opportunity of a full force of a label, what is the process like for finding the right artists to work with?
It was more difficult than you think to find artists that fit the criteria but also have the work ethic and drive to take advantage of an opportunity like his. Ultimately, I was super happy with the final crop of artists and excited to see what they all do from here.

Many rappers, including the group you fostered for this project, and even some peers look up to you and what you do. Do you feel there is a certain level of external responsibility and that adds into what you deliver as an artist? 
Definitely, I think that everyone has a responsibility and artists are no different we must all speak our truth and believe in something.

A big thing with G.O.O.D. this year was the seven-track album with 1800 Seconds you are confined to 30 minutes, but instead over 10 tracks. Do you think that process with Kanye assisted in how you approached this project or any of them going forward? 
No, this was more to just be a tie-in and a moment with the flip of 1800 to 1800 seconds it thankfully worked out and we could stick with the idea.

You brought these acts to the stage in New York. What were the experiences like for them and you?
It was amazing to see them perform to a packed house in New York and see how they could win over a crowd. New York is a tough place to play for your first big show but everyone did a great job and set it up perfectly for me to close the show.

How important was this collaboration for you to see that someone knows and understands your expertise to impact a new level of artists?
Super important. 1800 has been an awesome partner because they really listened to my perspective as an artist and executive and wanted to learn about how they could be most beneficial to the artists and not just use them. It’s been great to see them care and want to invest in these kids.

Lastly, you are getting your flowers for DAYTONA. Pulling in high rankings on year-end lists from critics and fans personal decisions. Do you already know what is shaping up to be your encore?
It feels great. I’m glad that people are enjoying the album and understanding it. We gave them seven tracks when everyone else is doing 20. We did a lot of things different and it’s nice to see it pay off and people enjoy the music. It’s so much to perform this album every night. New music definitely coming soon I’m just enjoying this one a little bit longer.