Young Thug is known to release bangers, and a lot of the records never even saw the light of day. In a new interview with Virgil Abloh and Thom Bettridge for Interview Magazine, Jeffrey revealed that he recorded “15,000” songs throughout his career.

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He said the key to his high productivity levels is to just stay in the studio. “I just stay in there. I keep clothes in the studio. I slept there last night. To be honest, I hate traveling so much, because I’d rather be in the studio.” During the chat, Thug also spoke about how he’s “always felt different,” explaining, “I used to think that I saw things that other people didn’t see, that I could put things together in a way that the average person couldn’t.”



He also gave some sound advice for those who ever felt “different.” “Keep going. Don’t ever give up. Some people say that just to say it, but I always stress it because it’s the truth and it really works. Everybody will get a chance. Even if your chance is not right now, if you keep going, you will get your chance. So just keep going, keep going, keep going, and one day it will be your turn. And when that happens, you just have to take full advantage of your turn.”

The full Young Thug interview is here.