Benzino hasn’t been at the forefront of news since his Love and HIp-Hop: Atlanta departure, which saw the ending of his friendship with Stevie J. But a report has surfaced from TMZ detailing an arrest in January of 2017 for possession of 22 grams of THC oil gummies, felony possession of 6 MDMA pills and a less than an ounce of weed, which registers as a misdemeanor.

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The arrest occurred in January of 2017 after a search warrant was issued to law enforcement for Benzino’s apartment. During the search, the drugs were found on counters and drawers in the kitchen.

Now Benzino is gearing up for trial. Today (Dec 12), the legal counsel for Benzino will find out if the case will go to trial or if a plea deal is on the table. Benzino is facing 15 years for the charges.