Even with all the new footwear technology happening nowadays, nothing is truly new under the sun in the sneaker community. PUMA knows that testament for sure, especially now that the brand is bringing back a silhouette with next-level features that originally debuted over 30 years ago.

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The RS-Computer was techwear before we even had a term for it. To assist the premium leather upper, a computer chip was placed on the heel that would actually store running stats. Sound familiar, huh? Yeah, before running apps, this sneaker could track your distance ran, time per lap, and calories burned. Of course, being that it was the ’80s, you had to have an Apple IIE/Commodore 64 computer, which would read you back your stats after plugging in. This time around, you now charge up the kicks through a USB, and the statistics can now be read off your phone through a trusty spec that we all know and love as Bluetooth. The new updates now allow for up to 30 days of running data storage, in addition to a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and LED indicators that place these right up there with the Nike Air MAG as the sneaker(s) of a future we’re still hoping comes to fruition.

The PUMA RS-Computer will launch for €650 ($740 USD) in limited quantities — only 86 pairs were made — at various flagship locations overseas, and stateside at spots like KITH, beginning tomorrow (December 13). More images below:

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