Picture this;  You’re in your 04 Honda Accord on your way to a job you hate. You’re literally in the car listening to “Going Bad” when suddenly you notice several cars pulled to the side of the road, traffic filling up, minor crashes and people running in the middle of the highway… could this be the Apocalypse?  “Money, Money” said someone ditching their car on the side of the highway to grab some crisp Benji’s laid out all along Route 3 in New Jersey.

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“Just passed a car accident involving a Brinks money truck, there is cash all over the road and people getting out of cars picking it up!!!! Everyone seems fine by what a show!!!!”- tweeted. Her 2nd tweet contained a video which she has since been deleted as she felt that she was gaining too much personal attention.

What would you do though? Would you get out and join the masses? Is it worth risking your life running out to oncoming traffic on a busy highway? I don’t know what I would do, but the temptation would definitely be there. There is also the potential risk of being charged with theft. It’s 2018, there are cameras everywhere and I’m pretty sure pocketing money that’s falling out of a Brinks truck is illegal. You’re at the crib with a couple racks, laughing chilling telling your boys. 8 pm comes around, “KNOCK KNOCK! – NJPD” Ha! You tight. Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m sure most people would come away scotch free, but NJ.com reported earlier that people actually later called the cops in the afternoon and turned in some of the money that was lost.


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