Want to know something gross? ESPN Outside The Lines reported that 111 professional sports venues have serious food violations.  Paula Lavigne of ESPN reported that 6,900 routine inspections were conducted at the venues in 2016 and 2017, resulting in 28 percent of them incurring a high-level violation at half or more of their food stands. A high-level violation is one that “poses a potential threat for foodborne illness.”

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If you’re curious to know exactly what qualifies as a high-level food violation; it ranges from food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to foodborne illnesses. Examples being cooling food properly, washing hands, and using utensils instead of bare hands on “ready-to-eat” food. This could also mean beer leaking from a roof from an upstairs bar or a bartender throwing a lemon in your drink with his hand instead of using tongs.

According to the report, the Charlotte Hornets had the highest percentage of stands with a high-level food violation at a disgusting 92 percent. Wow, that’s impressive. The lowest percentage belongs to the Golden State Warriors’ Oracle Arena at just 1.12 percent, which is nearly three percentage points better than the 4.17 percent of high-level violations that occurred at the second-place State Farm Arena of the Atlanta Hawks. Otherwise, the Curry Steph is chefin’ up in the pot is good to go fam.


The list of venues and sports teams with violations is too long to mention but among them includes The Colorado Rockies, who ranked 99th on the list with violations at 71.96 percent of its vendor’s commercial-size bag of Cracker Jacks was found to have a mouse inside of it in 2016. Also, cockroaches and mouse droppings were found on or near food at the ballpark. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think roaches and rats when I think of Colorado. I think clean snowy slopes, skiing. and people walking around high AF drinking lattes in Old Navy sweaters. Anyway, next time you’re watching your favorite sports team and get in the mood for a sausage and peppers, ask them for their rating. I don’t settle for anything less than a B and I live in New York City.

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