Can I just start this article off by saying “LMAO”? This may be the most absurd story you’ll read all day. Nuns, literally the holiest of women who you would probably trust your social security and bank card with, steal half a million dollars from their own private Catholic school to indulge in sin city.

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To make matters even more interesting, one of the nuns is the Principal of the St. James Catholic school. After being busted, the two nuns Sisters Mary Margret Kreuper and Lana Chang have asked the community for forgiveness and their prayers. Unfortunately, their “Sister Act” seems almost unforgivable. Especially because parents of the children that attend the school have had their projects and ideas denied due to being “underfunded.”

Some people are saying that the community and the school are being too hard on the sisters even though the church and archdiocese chose not to press for criminal charges against the sisters. Instead, they plan to “address the situation internally through the investigation, restitution and sanctions on the sisters.


“Our community is concerned and saddened by this situation and regret any injury to our long relationship with the families of the school. The Sisters of St. Joseph both desire and intend to make complete restitution to St. James School.”

The sisters are both retired from the school last year but they remain part of the church and the convent and a benefit will be taking place led by the sisters, to reallocate the misappropriated funds. Doesn’t sound like they’re being too hard on the sisters at all in my opinion. How would this go otherwise if it wasn’t two, old, sweet nuns or if they had been women of color?

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