Bah Hum-BUG! Another API bug is crawling around the tech space today. This time the victim is Facebook and about 6.8 million Facebook users who use the platform daily. Remember that embarrassing photo of you doing a keg-stand in your underwear at the holiday party? Well, it’s now viral fam, good job. According to a report released by Facebook, these third-party apps that hacked into the platform may even have accessed photos that users uploaded but never posted. These “never-posted” photos may have been exposed now, so hopefully, you didn’t send any nudes through messenger.

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“We’re sorry this happened,” said Facebook. “We will be working with those developers to delete the photos from impacted users.”

I mean it’s 2018, what is privacy anyway right? I’m sure we are being more monitored than we know just through our cell phones. Even so, are we really going to give up our smartphones to ensure our privacy? Probably not, and if you don’t have anything wild to hide, who really cares right? Especially in a time where most everyone posts their every waking moment on Instagram and Twitter, do people even care about their privacy anymore? Times have certainly changed.


The hack happened reportedly between September 13th through the 28th, and users actually had to approve the third-party app to allow the hack to happen. Half the time, we’re just clicking “agree” or x’ing out without totally realizing what those clicks can lead to, so is it partly our fault or does the responsibility fall solely on Facebook’s security? That’s a debate to be had. Facebook is taking the responsibility though to notify users and app developers via descriptive message if they were affected by the bug. The notification will provide a link to the Help Center on the social media platform to help them check if they’ve used any of the compromised apps.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get our self the next big social media star via some very special leaked photos ha-ha.

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