Cash Money singer Jacquees has caused quite a stir with his claim that he was the “King of R&B.” Newcomers and veterans alike have weighed in on who they believed is the real “King of R&B” while offering their own specific criteria. This argument has sprung much debate on social media with R&B lovers and music journalists offering their respective opinions. Even legendary comedian Dave Chappelle jumped in to add his insight into the discussion.

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Captured on Instagram, Chappelle acknowledged R. Kelly as the undisputed “King of R&B.” While attending Kardinal Offishall’s 20th-anniversary celebrity holiday party in Toronto, Chappelle said, “The King of R&B, hate to say it, pees on people,” standing next to producer Just Blaze and DJ Starting From Scratch.


Just in case the audience didn’t understand his declaration, he added that “R. Kelly is the king of R&B,” before perfectly lip-syncing the classic introduction to R. Kelly’s “Bump n’ Grind” hit from his 12 Play album.

Although R. Kelly is one of the most successful artists of all-time, his life his mired in controversy due to allegations of sleeping with underage girls and running a sex cult. One of Chappelle’s classic skits from Chappelle’s Show spoofed R. Kelly.