While Kanye West seems to be continuing spiraling out of control, Joe Rogan doesn’t want to see it continue without a discussion.

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In a tweet responding to a Kanye post which read: “I’ve been trying to do a serious interview speaking on mental health but it seems as though all members of press are afraid to speak to someone who has been diagnosed but is still everyone’s favorite superhero”, Rogan offered an invitation for the rapper to come on to his podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience.


There has long been discussion surrounding West’s mental health as a result of many controversies he has been involved in in the past including his views on slavery and his friendship with US president Donald Trump.

Kanye has been avoiding the media rounds, most recently dashing to his car when approached by a field reporter from the outlet. Appearing on Rogan’s podcast would serve as a great platform to air out all his grievances in a social setting where he wouldn’t be judged.

Rogan’s conversational non-confrontational style along with his sense of humor and a surprising amount of knowledge on an array of topics has made it one of the most listened to podcasts in the world. When do we all know Kanye or his brand to not look for a bright spotlight to say his peace?