Offset finally spoke out after his grand gesture to awe his wife, Cardi B, during her Rolling Loud set didn’t go as planned.

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On Saturday night, the Migos rapper made a surprise appearance during the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s performance with an enormous cake and flower bundle from Venus ET Fleur which read “Take Me Back Cardi.” The entire look clearly set him back about $15,000.

Offset begged for his Bronx mami’s forgiveness .”I just wanna tell you I’m sorry, bruh, in person, in front of the world,” he said. “I love you. Whatever I gotta do to show you that, I’m there.”


The Atlanta rapper gets an E for effort, but Bardi wasn’t having it and had him and the flowers removed before she continued performing.

On Sunday, Offset took to Twitter and defended his actions. “All of my wrongs have been made public, i figure It’s only right that my apologies are made public too,” he wrote. ” A n—a was just trying …..thank god I ain’t got no balloons sheeesh.”

Hours before Cardi and Offset’s public reunion, she posted a mysterious message on her Instagram Story. “Pensando en ti Pensando en mi,” it stated, which means “thinking of you thinking of me” in Spanish.

This wasn’t Offset’s first huge move to get himself back in Cardi’s great graces. On Dec. 9, he tweeted “F- – k YALL I MISS CARDI” however that same day, Cardi rapped about separation amid one of her shows.

On Friday, Offset shared a long video on Instagram where he said he continued to apologize and said his birthday wish is to get his wife back. “I was partaking in activity that I shouldn’t have been partaking in, and I apologize,” he said in the video. “You know what I’m saying? For breaking your heart, for breaking our promise, for breaking God’s promise and being a selfish, messed up husband.”

He added later, “I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. I apologize. I am sorry for what I have done to you. I didn’t f–k that girl, but I was entertaining her, you know what I’m saying? I apologize, and I love you, and I hope you forgive me. My birthday wish is just to have you back.”