Today, Blac Chyna announced good news on her behalf — that her and her lawyer, Walter Mosley, will finally get their day in court against the Kardashian family. Nonetheless, bad news accompanied the good news.

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It was publicized that Blac Chyna’s lash company, Lashed LLC, has been suspended since last month. A spokesperson on behalf of the Franchise Tax Board explained that Chyna’s suspension comes at the expense of failing to file a tax return on behalf of her business.

So many factors come into play when a business is suspended by the FTB which include not being able to sue or defend oneself in court, file a claim for a return, nor legally close or dissolve the business. In addition, suspended businesses lose the right to use their name meaning anyone can legally use the Lashed name for their business until the suspension is lifted or handled accordingly.


Despite the suspension, Lashed customers have still been able to make purchases online but the customer reviews have been on the negative spectrum as shipping times seem to be the biggest discrepancy.

Furthermore, Chyna’s flagship Lashed store has said to have been deserted for months now. There has been no sign of traffic or business since late summer including a disconnected phone number, a disabled appointments page, and marked as a “closed” business on Yelp.