After Yeezy’s Twitter rant aimed at Drake, the feud between the two rap icons is ironically getting real.

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The guy known for his pink Polos and “Wheelchair Jimmy” have taken their beef to the street level, with Drake taking precautions in the rift by adding on to his security team around his Hollywood Hills home, according to the rapper’s neighbors.

The rappers live in the same neighborhood, adding to concerns over what might happen when they finally come face to face.


Kanye alleges that Drake threatened his family on multiple occasions, sneak dissed him in songs, and tried to “take food out [Kanye’s] kids mouth.”

Their beef supposedly was exposed over “The Story Of Adidon,” Pusha T’s diss track from his Kanye-produced album Daytona. Pusha’s song revealed the existence of the Toronto rapper’s son and his alleged use of ghostwriters.