While the 2017-2018 was an epic season for the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2018-2019 season has proved a bit more challenging. From a less-than-stellar record to Carson Wentz’s stress fracture, the Super Bowl LII champs have been struggling to even make the playoffs this year. Yet thanks to a stellar performance by quarterback Nick Foles, who stepped in to replace Wentz, the Eagles might just have a fighting chance for that second Super Bowl ring.

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Completing 24 of 31 passes for an impressive 273 yards, Foles led the Eagles to a 30-23 upset against the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday- in Los Angeles, nonetheless. While Foles’ recent performance was reminiscent of his epic ones in both the 2018 NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl LII, his 2018-2019 season began with a lackluster start, performing decently in the Eagles’ first regular season games, but returning to the bench to make room for Wentz to start. Yet, as analysts have noted, Foles has proven that he’s a prime-time player when it counts, but many also wonder if he is consistent enough to replicate his performances. Delivering one amazing performance is impressive, but can he consistently deliver the same results game after game should the Eagles make it to the playoffs? More importantly, does he have what it takes to deliver against a variety of defenses?

The truth is that Foles is not inconsistent, but there isn’t enough information to determine how he will likely perform against upcoming competitors. Based on his performances over the past three seasons, he’s a strong player, consistently putting up completion percentages in the ’60s or higher and a strong touchdown to interception ratio.


Off the field, Foles, an evangelical Christian, says that when he prays, he prays not for God to deliver results, but to provide him with courage. “My prayer throughout the Super Bowl, when I kept talking to God, was that I would play with boldness and without fear, because fear doesn’t come from God. Boldness does.”

For Foles and the Eagles, that bold strategy has been paying off.