A little over a year ago, OKC’s resident style king Russell Westbrook debuted his first fashion label that he personally branded as Honor the Gift. After spending 2018 cultivating the brand to have its own identity within the sportswear/streetwear realm, most notably a few months ago with the “Inner City” quickstrike release, it looks like HoG is officially in the swing of things. Take a look at its latest “Fraternity” set for Holiday 2018 to judge for yourselves.

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This collection takes on an Ivy League theme, giving us the usual gamut of sportswear essentials including hoodies, crewnecks, headwear, athletic shorts and classic tees. Each offering incorporates Honor the Gift branding in some way or another, in addition to simple motifs that give it a pop of vividness. Since basketball squads operate and bond with each other very much in the vain of your typical collegiate frat, it makes perfect sense that Russ would go for this as an overall theme. Adding a model of color into the mix, well, that’s just an added bonus that we all can agree is a great touch to promote inclusion in college organizations.

Shop the Honor the Gift “Fraternity” Holiday 2018 collection by Russell Westbrook right now online, and expect a wider release to arrive later next year. Glance through the lookbook below to see what they got: