In the saddest story in the news today, a 12-year old boy murdered his sister and also stabbed his mother. Ironically enough, and also pretty scary, the address this took place at is 187 Stoner Driver in West Hartford, CT.  If you are unaware, 187 is police penal code in California for a homicide. As you may remember referenced in the popular Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg – “Deep Cover” song.

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No names have been released but the whole town is heartbroken by the incident. The school is providing additional mental health counselors to help with anyone affected, especially over the holidays. The 12-year old boy will be charged with murder with special circumstances, and first-degree assault. It is uncertain whether the boy will be charged as an adult but according to Connecticut Law, no child should be tried as an adult no matter what crime committed under the age of 14-years old.

The school’s superintendent, Thomas Moore,  released this statement:  “In difficult times, we do all that we can to support our families, students and staff members in dealing with crises. Please keep this family, their friends, and all of our children in your thoughts and prayers.”


A local doctor also stated publicly that it might be beneficial to just check in with your children and see how they are doing and to talk with them about what happened.

You can’t help but think this is a major cry around the topic of mental health. What could possess a 12-year old to kill his sister and stab his mother? What is going on in our world today that we need so much healing across America?

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