What if you had to kill one of your kids to save the other? Would you do it? Well, a father in Flordia had to make the tough decision on Sunday when he shot and killed his oldest son to save his younger son after an altercation behind a game of pool turned violent.

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According to the Miami Herald, police were called to the Stuart home before 6 a.m. by a woman saying her son was acting “irrational” then a few munites later she called back to say her husband had shot him.  Witnesses told police that the oldest brother Joseph Maloney had been acting “irrational” for about eight hours. The police also discovered that Joseph and his 26-year-old brother James had been drinking throughout the night. John Maloney tried to intervene between the brothers.

“At one point the parents heard their younger son begging his brother to stop chocking him because he could not breathe but his brother continued to strangle him with one hand while holding a knife in the other hand,’ said Officer Snyder.


At this time John Maloney has not been charged in the shooting.