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Black Panther was arguably one of the best movies this year. The film had a major social effect and a portion of the characters was even in the new Avengers movie. Considering the film’s success it will only make sense to cash in on it with merch. Forever 21 is no special case to this standard as today they revealed their “Wakanda Forever” Christmas Sweater. It was an adorable thought yet there was one issue. They used a white blonde model to flaunt the piece.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong with a white person wearing the sweater, however, thinking about what the comic book and the movie are about, it appears to be out of touch to not use a Black model. Even people on Twitter began to sound off.

Forever 21 hasn’t deleted the pictures from their site yet so they believe the motto that all press is good press. Let’s see if they’ll take it down in the future.