“That’s why u rappidy ass n****s always had the wrong conception of a W… shows why y’all careers look how they look now,” tweeted Tory Lanez in response to an earlier tweet where Royce simply said “No” when a fan asked the Detroit emcee if Tory won the battle vs Joyner Lucas. Tory sent the response above feeling some type of way.

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Royce later replied to Tory’s tweet about “rappidy ni***s” by typing this back “No need to get upset Lil homie. I thought yours was dope too. Somebody like you disrespecting somebody like me is ridiculous tho. Ima let slide because you’re ‘new’.” After Royce’s retort, Tory deleted his tweet, which strangely led to more oil getting thrown on the fire. Lanez then posted “Ain’t nobody scared of rolls 57 lyrically,” wrote the Canadian Singer/Rapper. “I deleted my comment cuz I’m not gone keep acting like my ni**a Joyner didn’t do his thing. the old ni**a kinda had a point .. what i said came off like some hating shit . People are aloud to think anybody won … simple.”

Royce wasn’t feeling the name “rolls 57” and had this to say  “My ni**a … If you tryna get yo mufhkin ass beat, you doing everything right,” he noted.


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