Bronx comedic duo Desus and Mero are debuting their new show on Showtime beginning on February 21st at 11 PM. It will be the first late night show in the history of the premium cable network.

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Vice’s new CEO, Nancy Dubuc, shared some thoughts on Desus & Mero transitioning from their network to premium cable. She spoke about the challenges the duo will face as they make their next move to Showtime.

“They’re going to a platform that their audience doesn’t pay for,” Nancy Dubuc said, as she explained the fact that she’ll be introducing a new two-hour nightly live broadcast in place of the network’s highest-rated program, Desus & Mero. “I told them, ‘You can always come back.”


Yikes. Sounds like a back-handed compliment.

Over the summer, in an interview with Bossip, the duo explained how the executives at Vice cut their contracts two months before the news of their deal with Showtime went public. Desus argued, “We were carrying that network on our back, and we felt the weight. They were talking about, ‘Do not take the weeks off because we don’t get ratings,’ and it’s like, ‘Yo, we’re just two people.” Mero added, “ We were literally the LeBron of that network.”

It appears the brass at Vice is still salty because the Bodega Boys took their talents to Showtime.