9-5 with two weeks left, is the worst record the Patriots have had in the Tom Brady era since 2010 when they went 10-6 and lost in the wild-card round to the Ravens. No one likes getting older. Your back hurts, your knees ache and you find yourself spending more time in the bathroom. Personally, I can only assume. I’m still pretty young and I feel awesome, but I have heard some bathroom horror stories. Like it or not, even the greats get old,  fall off and have to decide how much longer to push it. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter etc. all fell off towards the end of amazing careers. Everyone gets older and loses a step, such as a case now for Tom Brady. The football player we love to hate.

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Even at 9-5, the Patriots are still the top dog in a pretty much miserable AFC East. Full disclosure, I am writing this as a Jets fan and I’d be stoked out of my mind to be 9-5 with two weeks left. Even as a Jets fan, I can admit that Tom Brady is probably the greatest quarterback of all time aka The GOAT. Rumors are circulating that his knee is acting up and that’s the main catalyst to the decline in his and the Pats performance, even though his overall stats are about average for him compared to the rest of his career. There are still two big games left, and the Patriots worst case scenario is ending up in a wild-card playoff game, which they haven’t performed well in the past going forward.

Batman needs Joker, The Red Sox need The Yankees and football needs Tom Brady. He’s everyone outside of New England’s, favorite football villain and since the Jets have no shot at making the playoffs, I’d personally like to see Brady go out on top. One more super bowl to solidify one of the greatest, if not the greatest, football careers ever. We often immortalize star athletes as if they are more than human. Like they are giants and they are larger than life. So even if you love them or hate them, it’s hard to watch sports biggest stars grow old and grey, as it is also a reminder of our own mortality. Win or lose, after 19 seasons, this is probably Brady’s last hoorah and that’s sad to say even as a Jets fan.


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