The Internet was in an uproar when a video surfaced of Louis C.K. freely tossing around the N-word right in front of Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, and an uncomfortable Jerry Seinfeld.

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A lot of the backlash was aimed at Rock, who was the only Black person in the room because he co-signed Louis who hurled the word back and forth with Ricky. “You don’t really understand. You don’t know him. I’ve worked with him,” Chris said defending Louis.

Ricky and Louis continue to go back and forth attempting to establish different sides of the room. One side with the comedians who don’t use the N-word, which included Ricky and Seinfeld, and the other side of comedians that do which included Rock and Louis.


When asked by Louis if he ever said the N-word, Seinfeld swiftly responded, “no.” “That’s the huge difference between you and me,” Louis stated. “I don’t think there’s humor in it. I haven’t found it nor do I seek it.”

The clip is from 2011 and Louis C.K. has been using the N-word for years on his set. So what’s the next step?