Bryson Tiller needs to stay out of the kitchen, for good.

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Everyone knows that the Holidays is about family, fun, and food. The latter is a huge part of what makes the Holidays great. We leave the cooking to those who are experts in the kitchen. It’s only right. Bryson Tiller has been quiet this year as far as music is concerned. He wants to take his time with his art to assure the work meets his standards. This is understandable.

Besides music, Tiller took his time out to make cookies on Christmas Day. It did not turn out so well. It looks like Bryson got the Christmas dinner itis and forgot that the cookies were in the oven. There is no telling if the cookies were chocolate chip, oatmeal or sugar, but they were definitely crisp. From the look of cookies, they probably tasted as bad as they looked, maybe even worse. One thing is certain, stay clear of the food if you see Bryson Tiller in the kitchen. It serves as a constant reminder for Tiller to not quit his day job. We look forward to hearing new music from the multi-platinum Trapsoul singer in the new year.


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#BrysonTiller…you had one job ?

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