ESPN has been teasing us with a Micheal Jordan documentary for some time now. During the fleet of NBA games on Christmas, we finally got a sneak peek of the documentary. The Last Dance teaser trailer dropped and it was a pleasant surprise. The trailer covers some of the fascinating internal dynamics between Jordan and teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

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The Last Dance takes a detailed look at Jordan and his meteoric rise to fame throughout the 90s when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls. During his time with the Bulls, Jordan won six NBA championships, played at the Olympics, won countless MVP trophy’s and even retired after his first three titles to go play baseball.


The mid-1990s Bulls were a cultural phenomenon, and the 1997-98 season completed their second three-peat, their sixth championship in eight seasons and sixth straight in seasons unaffected by Jordan’s bid to compete in baseball.

The series is long overdue and it gives a great glimpse into Jordan’s winning at all cost mentality. Something the current generation doesn’t really understand too well.

For whatever reason, the documentary is being pushed back to some time in 2020, but whenever it comes out it is guaranteed to get tons of attention and create plenty of buzz around the basketball world.