Coming at a time where everyone just finished watching BirdBox, Netflix’s blockbuster hit about a force in the sky that makes you kill yourself from looking at it, an illuminating blue shock in the sky threw social media into a panic Thursday evening. The incident took place in Queens, NY, though if you were outside at the moment, you could see it from pretty much anywhere in the surrounding city. Without any logical explanation for this eerie electric blue sky or not being aware of what could cause something like that, people immediately started posting videos of the potential Alien contact with a sense of panic.

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As cool as Alien contact would be, and it would almost be arrogant to think we are the only living species in the universe, it just wasn’t anything extraterrestrial at this time. Bob McGee, spokesman for Con Edison, reported that it was a couple of transformers (A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits) that “tripped up” and started an electrical fire which created a blue “arch flash.” So sorry to disappoint, but no Alien contact for now for the proof.

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