They call it “The Pump Plan” based on the viral success of Florida Emcee “Lil Pump”. A formula for helping rappers go viral. A new report from Vulture examines how labels are snatching up viral sensations and cashing in big. WSo what’s the secret formula for getting rappers like XXXtentacion, Lil Pump and 6ix9ine to become viral sensations? Producer Rojas and Alex Gelbard of Inzei Records explain how they marketed lil Pump to viral success with a ten-step plan now known as “The Pump Plan.”

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Rojas and Gelbard released their secret to Vulture’s Lauren Levy to which she explained in her article:

The two of them helped build Lil Pump’s career using a method they now refer to as the ‘The Pump Plan.’ It’s a ten-step program that guarantees transforming a local rapper or minor celebrity into a meme and then a viral sensation using a set of proven marketing tricks. It includes tactics like: social-media influencer campaigns, meme-ing the artist, placements, World Star promotions, and something called ‘controversy projects,’ which seems to mean planting feuds between artists and igniting drama to stoke controversy and online attention. They pitch it to new artists they’re looking to sign.”

Thinking about becoming a viral sensation? well, the proof is in the pudding and say what you want about Lil Pump, the kid is cashing in. Think about it, doesn’t this formula, in 2018, seem to make at least a little sense? We are living in a time where our avatars have become as much of our identity as the way we act, speak and interact with real-life social events. We spend more time on Instagram then we do with our families, which is a little sick. We also know that the more followers you have, the more status you actually have in real life. It’s a sad truth but if you can get hot on Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube for simply being in a bunch of places at once regardless of your talent, you too can take over the rap game. We live in a sad age of where clout is more valuable than talent.


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Pictured above is Rojas, Producer and Owner of Inzei Records and a partner responsible for Lil Pumps viral success.