DJ Funk Flex has been known to be critical of some of the younger rappers. It appears that he’s burying the hatchet with one of the leaders of the new school, Lil Pump.

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Over the weekend, Flex posted a picture of the duo posing backstage and revealed that they talked about their issues.

“We spoke,” the Hot 97 DJ wrote in the caption of a photo of himself and Pump. “I respect he waited around till after my set with good words.. I was honest with him on how a felt about his music… he carried himself well and took it like a gentleman! love! @lilpump (I told u I would post the pic) I could tell he didn’t believe I would!!! @aliviacaba I’m good with one of your favorites now!!!”


The beef between these two dates back to February when Funk Flex went on one of his social media rants and called the “Gucci Gang” rapper wack. He also said Lil Yachty, G-Eazy, and Nicki Minaj all made the cut on the wack list.

This is probably the second beef that Pump put to rest. He was seemingly feuding with J. Cole after the release of KOD when he felt like the North Carolina rapper was taking shots at him in the intro track, “1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)”. They also talked about their problems out in a sit-down interview.