The new year may just spring Tekashi from federal custody if $1.5 million and his word is enough for a judge to let him out until his scheduled hearing later this month.

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With the 22 year old rapper’s trial not starting until September, 69’s lawyer Lance Lazarro says he’s putting a bail package together, asking the court to set 69’s bail at $1.5 million and Lazarro will also plead that Tekashi’s not a danger to the community nor is he a flight risk.

Lazarro wants to file the motion before his next scheduled court appearance this month, hoping that the judge will grant the Gummo emcee a chance at freedom until his trial begins in September.


To his detriment, photo and video evidence has recently been uncovered that Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was connected to at least three armed robberies in Brooklyn.

Good luck, Tek.