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Comedian Tiffany Haddish got off to rocky start thus far in 2019. After having a big year in 2018 with blockbuster films, hosting Saturday Night Live, and nabbing an Emmy, Haddish is destined to have another successful year. But even the best comedians have a rough night on stage and it happened to Haddish on New Year’s Eve.

In footage captured by TMZ, Tiffany Haddish is seen during her sold-out show the James L. Knight Center in Miami, struggling to get through her comedy routine. Some of her jokes didn’t land and she seemed to forget some of her other jokes.

As the audience began to head for the exits, Haddish started reading the jokes from her set that had written down on her iPad. Eventually, she stopped the show prematurely and drank Ciroc with the fans who hung around after the debacle.

This mishap by Haddish caused some to recall the comedy beef she was embroiled in earlier this year with fellow comedian Katt Williams before they called a truce. “She has not proven the ability to tell jokes back-to-back for an hour to nobody,” Williams said about the Night School star. This was the proof that many of her detractors were looking for.


But Haddish did receive support on social media after the fiasco, namely, from Roots drummer ?uestlove. He said, “Failure is a part of growth and lessons get learned. The crowd will speak on this night forever, so they had an experience, and you are the wiser. Not end of world. You’ll shine more in 2019.”

Haddish who owned up to her actions Tuesday tweeted, “yes this happened… I wish it was better, Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happen again. One Twitter user, in particular, @AndrewChestnut1 expressed his displeasure of the comedian’s performance. In a post, he shared a video with a tweet saying, “I went to go see if Tiffany Haddish was actually funny. I ended up doing this. Conclusion: She is not funny. Horrible show. In her defense, she said she was having a rough night. She didn’t have to be there. She ended up inviting me on the stage to tell jokes.”

To be honest, Andrew heckled Haddish and should have been thrown out. Social media has enabled so many people to create a moment for themselves in the hopes of going viral or becoming the next best thing. People are allowed to practice freedom of speech, however, if he felt that strongly about it, he could have left just like others did. Do you think Andrew used this opportunity to create a moment on the Internet?

All and all, this is a minor setback for Haddish. She will go on to make 2019 another tremendous year in her career.