One of the most popular animated characters of all-time, and easily a pop culture icon of the ’90s overall, is without a doubt Sonic The Hedgehog. With remakes and live-action being the new wave in Hollywood, it was only a matter of time before someone went and brought Sonic to the big screen. Unfortunately, many weren’t so pleased with the CGI rendition of our beloved blue hedgehog, which is expected to look something like this:

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…some made humor out of it all:


…others, not so much:

…and well, even the official movie Twitter account found time to make a joke out of all the memes and less-than-stellar feedback:

However, for anyone that’s planning on boycotting the movie when it arrives in theaters later this year — November 8, 2019 is the projected release date — at least you’ll have something to keep you warm while protesting thanks to Japanese-based streetwear giant XLARGE.

The official collaboration gives us a cool capsule of apparel, including shirts, sweats, and a standout varsity jacket that pays homage to Sonic’s OG SEGA Genesis 2D animation and his latter 3D makeover that’s more synonymous with his SEGA Dreamcast days. Of course, the graphic motifs are completed with his best pal Tails incorporated into the mix as well. In addition to classic crewnecks, there’s also a mockneck-style pullover available as well for a more modern streetwear approach. While it may be too late for the directors of this 2019 Sonic The Hedgehog live-action film to take notes, we can only hope the official unveil is a dash in the right direction.

The XLARGE x Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration is available now online, but check out the pieces below to see the capsule in full: