With a few days already passed in the new year, Black women have started the new year by winning in a big way. In a historic event, seventeen African American women were sworn in as judges in Harris County in Texas. This is the largest group of Black women to be sworn in the history of the state of Texas. The campaign was entitled “Black Girl Magic Texas.”

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The women include Judges Shannon Baldwin, Lucia Bates, Ronnisha Bowman, Sharon Burney, Lori Chambers Gray, Dedra Davis, Linda Dunson, Toria Finch, Ramona Franklin, Angela Graves-Harrington, Cassandra Holleman, Erica Hughes, Maria Jackson, Tonya Jones, Latosha Lewis Payne, Michelle Moore, Sandra Peake, Germaine Tanner, and LaShawn Williams.


Lina Hidalgo, the 27-year-old Colombian immigrant was also sworn in alongside Black Girl Magic Texas remarked, “We made history in Harris County on Nov. 6 by electing a talented group of individuals who reflect the people and communities we serve. That would not have been possible without the support of the residents of Harris County.”

Check out the clip of the new judges here.