Da Baby’s acquired success as he rises to the forefront of mainstream hip-hop, it’s only a matter of time before the world screams “Da Baby, Da Baby, Da Baby”. Providing the streets with a hustler’s R&B, the melodic cadence of “21” depicts the quintessential trap-queen, one who is capable of living an ostentatious lifestyle while possessing the ability to hold it down at the same time.

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The untold story of unconditional loyalty, an unspoken bond, a level of respect that runs deeper than the depths of space and stands the testament of time captured on camera.
One can only admire the reasoning behind how someone capable of such savagery can only be 21 years of age. However, Da Baby’s vibe was effortlessly conveyed throughout the context of the video, as he provides the answer to the posed question with the assistance of a JetsonMade 808. In conjunction with a visual directed by Savani Productions, this sure-fire hit currently has 1.5 million views and counting on YouTube.

While currently on tour for Da Baby’s most recent project release entitled Blank Blank, he has not slowed down momentum in the slightest with averaging 3.5 million weekly streams. Check out the project below:

Da Baby shares more info on his music career following with what inspires his music, lifestyle, expectations for the new year, and new projects on the way. As far as what inspires his music and lifestyle he says, “my lifestyle is my music, I don’t know I talk it just how I live it. He says for 2019, “taking over the m*f**** world. Not just the city or the country but the m*f**** world. We already in 2020.” To describe his overall sound and impact as a rising North Carolina artist, Da Baby says “my sound real and my impact game-changing you know what I mean. I been saying this from the beginning and it’s amazing to see everything unfold. ” To those inspired by his journey – he says, “keep going stay consistent with it and not give a f***.”

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