Symphony Unique Smith is a rising recording artist from North Carolina – also known professionally by her stage name, “Unique.” She’s an American rapper, singer, and songwriter that first started singing in church, along with school plays. Unique is influenced by R&B, Rap, Rock and Pop culture – describing the four genres as both edgy and smooth. At the age of five she began playing the piano and other instruments such as the guitar, violin, and clarinet. She also loves the artists Rihanna, Aaliyah, Left-eye, Evanescence, Skillet, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B; along with watching anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note etc.

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Unique shares more info on her music career following with what influences her lifestyle, fashion inspirations, and overall expectations for the new year. As far as what inspires her music she says, “my dad inspired me musically – when I was young he had his own group back then; and when I would come around them, I’d see them create. I then eventually started writing my own music. I even still have all of my original music from the third grade.” To describe her overall sound as a rising North Carolina artist, Symphony says “I’m bringing originality and an old school flow mixed with new school.” She says for 2019, “I see myself really out there with my music and building a strong fan base. I have so much stuff coming.” As far as her personal style, she says “I love Keke Palmer and Rihanna style. I also just love the Japanese culture and their street fashion. I also like the Left-eye flow with the baggy jeans and shirts.” To those inspired by her journey – she says, “don’t worry about what anybody says, and always be original and do your own thing. Always keep God first and everything will work out.”


Be on the look out for a major wave coming from Unique 2019.