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Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly has struck a nerve with many in the Hip-Hop community.

While some have joined the “Mute R. Kelly” movement, others used their podcast platforms to express their disgust. Most notably was Damon Dash, who not only lashed out at Kells but divulged another reason why the Roc-A-Fella dynasty fell apart. Dame mentioned that one of the reasons he had an issue with JAY-Z’s “moral fabric” was that he worked with a man that had statutorily raped his fiancé and finessed her into an illegal marriage at the tender age of 15.

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Hearing Dame get choked up was refreshing and expected. He has on many occasions, shared that Aaliyah was one of the great loves of his life. At one point, he even checks his co-star when he attempts to blame the parents who left their daughters with R. Kelly, implying that whatever happened to them while they were around the alleged pedophile was their fault for being more protective. Stopping him in his mid-sentence, a passionate Dash says: “I love Aaliyah more than anything and she loved her parents more than anything.  One thing, I am not gonna do is ever make her or her parents or her legacy feel uncomfortable. There are some things I just can’t address.”

The passion poured from The Hip-Hop Motivation Show over to The Joe Budden Podcast. While talking about the six-part series, Budden and his co-hosts Rory and Mal applauded executive producer, Dream Hampton for taking great care to create an honest film that not only told the truths of multiple women who claimed to have been with R. Kelly while they were under-aged and people from Kelly’s life (family, teachers, employees, law enforcement, press), but also tap experts in ethnomusicology and psychology to break down the reasons why the public has this love/hate affair with the singer. The most candid revelation made during the podcast is that Joe Budden, who also is the star of State of The Culture, cried almost minutes into the documentary.

“It aired and one minute in, I was in tears (8:01pm). Which I always feel a way about because Cyn is so much tougher than I when it comes to watching things.  I’m always the cryer.” Joe continues to reveal, “I knew that this would be heavy… but with the background music,  with the confessionals, with the teasers… from a production standpoint this was done really well.”

Usually, Joe is quick-witted and has a comeback for everything. This time, not so much.  The conversation also addressed tour and rapper entourage culture. Rory spoke on the elephant in the room, that girls/women are not always treated well when they are in the company of those in the light of celebrity and close to the light of celebrity. As Rory sought to also direct his disgust at those that worked with or for R. Kelly, Budden notes that those people were on the payroll. The room seemed to think that even if Joe had under-aged girls around, they would have checked him for messing with them.

Joe called bull crap.

“No you wouldn’t, if you made 5 mil a year off me. I am not sure that you would.” Joe asserted as he further explained that the complexity of capitalism compromises the best of us.