It seems like Donald Trump will stop at nothing to build his border wall. As if shutting the American government down wasn’t enough, he now promises to keep the government shutdown until the bill for the wall is paid.

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A bill that would cost the American people a staggering $5.7 billion dollars, meanwhile poverty and homelessness continue to plague the nation. Not to mention the fact that the people of Flint, Michigan still don’t have clean water.

However, Big Daddy Kane seems to have a simpler solution for the president. A solution that would be way cheaper.


In his latest Instagram post, we find the president’s face photoshopped onto a Lego set. The “Tiny Border wall” set. A set that comes complete with an American flag and no doors or windows. Appropriately aged for children ages four and up.

“Go ahead and build your wall Lil’ Baby. Koo-Koo-Moo-Koo!,” reads the caption. Indeed a childish response to a childish plan.

In the end, the American people are the ones who will suffer the most. According to NBC News, the shutdown primarily affects seven agencies including Homeland Security, Transportation, Commerce, Interior, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and Justice.

In closing this means re than 420,000 employees will be required to work without pay and an additional 380,000 would be sent home. Thus further contributing to poverty and homelessness, ultimately intensifying problems already facing the American public.