After the success of the recent Sony/Marvel antihero film Venom, it looks like Sony is already making progress towards a sequel.

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Variety reports Sony has made negotiations with Venom screenwriter Kelly Marcel to return for Venom 2. Sources are saying Marcel will also take on a role of executive producer for the sequel and that Tom Hardy will return as Eddie Brock.

Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson are also expected to return for Venom 2, but a director has not yet been named. It’s unlikely we’ll see the original Venom director Ruben Fleischer return, as he’ll likely be hard at work getting Zombieland 2 ready for an October 2019 release.


Venom co-writer Jeff Pinker assured all Venom fans that the first movie isn’t the end of the franchise. Pinker has yet to be tapped for the project. However, the writer further revealed that Venom 2 should see the introduction of Spider-Man in a very significant role.

It’s no surprise a sequel is in the cards, as Venom did particularly well at the box office, outperforming both Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy. Ultimately, it became one of the top ten box office hits of 2018 after netting $855 million worldwide. This is despite some unfavorable reviews. Expect the movie to be released in late 2020.