People are not only asking radio stations to #MuteRKelly, but even demanding that his label, RCA/ Sony drops the troubled R&B sensation from their roster of artists. Friday afternoon, a plane (commissioned by a national women’s organization UltraViolet) flew over the Sony Music office in Culver City, California with a message for the execs in the building. The message was loud and clear:

“RCA/Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R. Kelly

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Recently R. Kelly has been under fire, as multiple women have come forth to talk about their alleged abuse at his hands in a Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly. Many of these women were minors and believed that Kelly not only raped them but brainwashed them against their families. Rape is a harsh word, but because they were minor if he had sexual relations with them, that constitutes statutory rape in America.

UltraViolet’s chief campaign officer said:

 “It is long past time for RCA to dump R Kelly and take a stand against abuse. Their inaction is beyond shameful. RCA can no longer pretend that R. Kelly’s music can be separated from his violent actions. Kelly uses his fame, musical talent, fortune, and standing in the music industry to lure in and abuse young Black girls. Even some of his songs are literally inspired by the abuses he has perpetrated. Kelly has been able to get away with his years of abuse precisely because his victims are young Black girls who face even more barriers to justice than their white peers. Sixty percent of Black women are sexually abused by age 18, but their abuse is written off because of harmful racial stereotypes that paint Black women and girls as more sexually promiscuous and aggressive than young white girls. We must believe and support Black survivors of sexual violence. It is time all of us work alongside the amazing Black women organizers calling out R. Kelly and his enablers to ensure justice.”

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They also were behind getting Spotify to stop running Kelly’s music.