Nick Cannon has been making a lot of headlines recently because he has been very vocal about his opinion.

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Cannon stopped by Vlad TV and he weighed in on Kylie Jenner tying JAY-Z for the top spot on the Forbes list.

“At this point, I don’t think Jay-Z’s publicist has to pitch him for Forbes. But Kylie, I feel some spinning there. I’m not necessarily rocking. Somebody’s publicist made a call, and they know the attention she be getting. ‘You know if we say that she’s the equivalent to Jay-Z and it’s the number one spot, it’s gonna make news everywhere.’”


He also expressed his thoughts on the ‘billionaire’ title being tossed around freely. Nick Cannon noted that the Olsen twins and Jessica Simpson were reported to have a billion dollars in the past but were never featured on the prestigious list.

It’s hard to tell if we need to give Kylie’s PR team kudos, or if Nick is making valid points.