We’ve been ready for self-lacing sneakers since as far back as the late ’80s, when the idea first became mainstream after Marty McFly rocked the Air MAGs in Back to the Future II. While that silhouette in specific has actually dropped in real-life — granted, usually as sporadic quickstrick releases, but we continue — the Swoosh is giving us a brand new silhouette that will definitely shape the lace-free life as it relates to the general release market. Enter the Nike Adapt BB.

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What started in 2016 with the release of the HyperAdapt 1.0 — Nike’s first readily-available shoe with self-lacing technology — is built on even further with the Adapt BB. The advanced power-lacing system creates a custom fit via a motor and gear train that senses the tension needed for your foot as you wear it, even adjusting according to your actual movements. You more of a walker? These will essentially mold to your foot, making for a fit that’s truly made to your personal comfort. The built-in FitAdapt tech then syncs with an app that’s continually updated with firmware, controllable via the smartphone Nike Adapt app or simply by the touch. Based off the graphic above, you can tell it was put through the ultimate test to assure durability in the midst of all foreseeable conditions. Add on its Iron Man-looking multilayered exterior and you’ve got the shoe we’ve all been waiting for. Trust, knowing Nike it’ll only get better from here.

Look for the Nike Adapt BB to arrive on February 17, both online and at global retailers, for $350 USD. Get a closer preview of the shoe in detail below, and head over to Nike News for a full rundown of the silhouette:

Images: Nike News