It looks like Rihanna wasn’t playing when she said, “Please don’t call me on my bluff. Pay me what you owe me.” Not even her father is exempt from payment.

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In fact, the “Bitch Better Have My Money” songstress is willing to fight her in court to ensure she receives every penny.

The Fenty family feud ensued after Ronald Fenty established Fenty Entertainment in 2017. Fenty Ent is a talent development company. On the contrary, Rih trademarked the family name to use on an assortment of businesses including beauty products, and clothing.


Rihanna alleges her father and his company are profiting from a name she worked tirelessly to build. Furthermore, she says that in 2015, her father and his business associates falsely presented themselves as her representatives. In doing so they were able to swindle promoters out of millions of dollars.

Perhaps their most brazen attempt was booking the singer for 15 shows throughout Latin America for a price of $15 million. Shockingly, all of this shady business was conducted without her knowledge.

Despite multiple cease and desist order sent to Mr. Fenty on his daughter’s behalf he proceeded to file a “Fenty” trademark request for resort boutiques. Ultimately he was unsuccessful.

As a result of continued underhanded business practices by her dad, Rihanna is requesting a judge placed an injunction on her dad using the name Fenty as well as payment for damages.