The trailer for Spider-Man dropped today, Captain Marvel will hit theaters in March, Avengers: Endgame is set to follow and Aquaman is the hottest movie in theaters. It’s safe to say that comic book films are all the rave, but the one to look out for is Lee Daniels’ Superbitch. Yes, Superbitch.

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The creator behind Empire and more has stated that he wished to do a gay superhero film and the team is now. Taking to his Instagram, theoriginalbigdaddy, Daniels revealed that he found the actor who will play Superbitch. 

You may have seen the man who will play Superbitch around social media lately. Donning pink boots and having killer moves, the social media star has revealed he has met Daniels and is grateful for the opportunity. You can see the post on who we will see as Superbitch below.


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