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Bryshere Y. Gray of Empire and The New Edition Story, stars in the provocative drama Canal Street movie that tackles the deep racial divide in Chicago.

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production, which is directed and co-written by Rhyan LaMarr, tells a story about the reasons for the deep-seeded divisions within the city of Chicago and the city’s diversity, touching on family, friendship, and forgiveness. The film has a powerful message, and is sure to take you on an emotional and spiritual journey. The Movie is set to be released on January 18th in select theaters. The film boasts a seasoned cast starring Mehki Phifer, Kevin Quinn, Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick, and more. Let’s get to the theaters and support this film for the culture.

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Netflix and Chill

Types. The price just went up. With the success of Bird Box, You, Black Mirror and the tons of original content that will be coming to Netflix this year, the video-streaming service has announced a price increase. The basic plan of Netflix will now cost $9 as opposed to $8. The high definition standard plan will now be $13, which is a two dollar increase and the premium offering, which is shown in 4K, will be $16 instead of $14. The price increase is effective immediately for those who will have new accounts on the service.

Don’t worry we got something for those that like to read too. The history of Hip-Hop is a story that can not be told enough. The history of the culture will only be preserved if it’s passed down to the next generation. Thankfully, Carol Boston Weatherford and Frank Morrison have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the story of hip-hop’s rich history will never be lost with their newest book The Roots of Rap: 16 Bars on the 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop. Kids will learn about how it evolved from folktales, spirituals, and poetry, to the showmanship of James Brown, to the culture of graffiti art and break-dancing that formed around the art form and gave birth to the musical artists we know today.