It’s sad to say, but the silver lining is the international recognition, even in the champ’s death.

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It was announced yesterday that the Louisville International Airport will be renamed after Muhammad Ali, who was born and buried in the Kentucky capitol.

The decision came from a unanimous vote of the Louisville Airport Authority with one board member voting no, according to local media. Board members had been mulling the proposal since 2017.


Before the change, the airport was simply known as Louisville International Airport.

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer applauded the decision after proposing the idea.

“Muhammad Ali belonged to the world, but he only had one hometown, and fortunately, that is our great city of Louisville,” Fischer said. “Muhammad became one of the most well-known people to ever walk the Earth and has left a legacy of humanitarianism and athleticism that has inspired billions of people.”

Ali died in 2016 at 74 years old. He had a 56-5 record as one of history’s most profound boxers, including three stints as the world heavyweight champion. He also won the light heavyweight gold medal at the 1960 Olympics. His heavyweight belt was taken from him because of Ali’s refusal to be inducted into the U.S. Army for the Vietnam War due to religious reasons.

Ali was also known for his activism and protests outside of the ring as he was for his illustrious reputation as a boxer.