After the Surviving R. Kelly documentary aired, Dame Dash made claims that he never agreed with JAY-Z working with R. Kelly on Best of Both Worlds because his late fiance, Aaliyah, told him she was raped by the singer.

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Memphis Bleek called the bluff on Dame’s claims. “Everyone knows I fuck with Dame Dash, this is my guy, Roc-A-Fella history. But somebody gotta tell him, he’s buggin’,” Bleek said. “You buggin. And then you gonna really say, you wasn’t there with niggas? You was opposed to it? You f—–g lying.”

Speaking with Hip Hop Motivators‘ Kenyatta Griggs on Thursday, Dame dismissed the idea that he was down with the joint project and says Aaliyah was the reason he appeared in the “Fiesta” video.


“I really am not on the Best of Both Worlds. I didn’t go to a show. I didn’t have my name on any of that. I was in ‘Fiesta,’ but only because Aaliyah said she wanted me to do it that way.'”

People began pointing to the “Fiesta” visuals when Dame Dash claimed that Hov’s affiliation with R. Kelly was a factor in the downfall of Roc-a-Fella.

Check out the full interview below: