The front man for NYC-based band Fun Loving Criminals says he likes Hip Hop, but he just can’t connect to today’s trap music phenomenon.

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“I’m listening to [The Notorious B.I.G]. I’m listening to Ice Cube. I’m not listening to trap music so much but I get why trap music is happening,” says FLC’s Huey Morgan.

“It’s all that lean (prescription cough syrup) and weed and [Xanax], and all that drug shit that’s propelling this music to be really dopey.”

The 50-year-old singer who hosts The Huey Show on BBC Radio 6 Music, also says that he finds it “difficult to listen to trap music simply because “I’m not on those drugs”.


“For a lot of young people – and I’ve seen this time and time again – they feel the peer pressure a lot more than I did in my day.”

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