Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is currently mending a strained groin and while he is almost ready to return he did not join his team for their weekend road trip. However, King James presence was felt during the game as he cheered his team on via Twitter.

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Thursday night, the LakeShow battled with Russell Westbrook, Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC and came back from down 15 but were in jeopardy of losing the game after a bad call was made in favor of the Thunder. Lonzo Ball attempted to stop Westbrook from attempting a game-tying three by committed a foul, unfortunately, it was stated to be while the Thunder point guard was in shooting motion. The bad call prompted James to question the official’s decision.


The Lakers didn’t let the call stop their efforts and would go on to hand the Thunder a loss in overtime. But it also turned out LeBron was right as the referees admitted that the call King James questioned should have been an on the floor foul. Thankfully for Laker Nation, Ball, and star, second-year forward Kyle Kuzma didn’t want for an apology message and secured the win.