Spirit Airlines gained a bad reputation for its small air crafts, hidden fees, lengthy delays, and more. But it looks like they want to step into the new year with a new look.

The new aircrafts are coming equipped with new seats padded with ultralightweight foam and extra pre-recline. The tray tables are also full-size instead of miniature.

“We listened to our guests and went on the hunt for the optimal Spirit seat,” Spirit CEO Ted Christie said in a statement. “Our new seats and cabin redesign were developed from the ground up to enhance the experience while maintaining our low fares at the same time.”

The first-class seats known as the Big Front Seats are also getting a makeover, with additional memory foam in the cushion and headrest.

The seat color will also change from blue to Spirit Airlines’ brand colors, black and yellow.

The announcement for these changes was made in September. New and existing air crafts will get the new look.