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Perusing through a heap of youtube videos from underground Hip-Hop artists, I came across an eccentrically captivating short music video from Lady Keyz. The video is shot in Black & white and reminds me of a 90’s Calvin Klein commercial, but with an Alt Hip-Hop reinterpretation. The single is called “In the House.” Although the video is less than two minutes, there’s a lot to take away. Lady Keyz has a mysterious predisposition that is apparent from the outset. She delivers clever lyrics that nicely complements her intriguing sense of style. The video ends with you wanting to know more, so I decided to reach out to her camp.

It turns out Lady Keyz is dropping a new single and music video called “Bang Bang” on February 15th. The “In the House” video is a precursor to the upcoming single and overall rollout. Although she’s not technically a new artist, Lady Keyz has refined her sound and is building her name in the Alternative Hip-Hop space.

From what I’ve seen from Lady Keyz and her team, this girl is playing zero games with her music. Look for Lady Keyz to make some serious noise in 2019. Her style and flow stand alone in an age of Carbi B and Nicki Minaj carbon copy wannabes.